BrightPath Counseling


Have you come to a point in your life where you feel like you could use some support? Well, you are in good company.

In this fast-paced world with an endless list of demands and responsibilities we sometimes feel we are being pulled in so many different directions that we can’t keep up. With so much attention focused on work, our relationships, parenting etc. we often lose sight of what we want in life. Sometimes we find that we are merely going through the motions and missing out on the meaningful connections with the people that we love. I enjoy helping people connect back to who they are and what brings them joy in life.
Through the therapeutic process I will help you learn to slow down, be present and take better care of your mind and body. We will examine the different domains in your life and think about what’s going well, what you would like more of and things that you might change if this is possible.
If you would like to know a little more about me and my counseling practice, I invite you to look around my website, schedule an appointment online or give me a call.

Individual Therapy

I work with adults 18 years and up. I will also work with older teens on a case by case basis.

Video Counseling

I offer video counseling (Teletherapy) on a limited basis.

Perinatal Mental Health

Are you pregnant or within your first year after giving birth and feeling overwhelmed, sad, irritable or agitated?